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Plainview is a band made up of talents musicians from various projects, most notably David Smale from The Yardbirds and Chris Williams from Counterpoint. Their self-titled debut release has been featured with Metal Hammer and the band has certainly got a sound you won’t be disappointed by.

Opening up with Slip Through Your Fingers, the band shows off great versatility with some interesting use of dynamics, with soft verses that get heavier later on, and really cool chorus with some nice harmonies involved. There’s a good variety of musical moments on display, with some nice use of clean chords and a layered guitar sound too. The Last Word is a slower track that really shows off Smale’s vocal abilities, with some chunky guitar riffs backing him and a really powerful and to the point rhythm section really giving the track some groove.

The album has plenty to offer in its 40 minute run time. From slightly more upbeat numbers like Wasted Words to songs like Look Away which has a more melancholic feel to it, the band has managed to pull off a variety of different sounds without sounding like they “trying too hard.” This keeps the sound fresh throughout the album, and the band’s songwriting shines throughout.

Plainview Promo Photo

No Other Way is one of my highlights of the album here, with some borderline progressive riffage and a keen sense of dynamics on display, and some really great vocal melodies too. The band feels really tight here with some great playing all round. Take What You Want has a kind of similar approach and it would be cool to see the band expand on these heavy, proggy riff fests.

The album closes on The Writing’s On The Wall, which opens with some nice clean guitars and a soft vocal, before slamming into some mighty guitar chords. The dynamics on display are again quite impressive, and this song really solidifies what the band is about.

The production is pretty good here, and the vocals and guitars stand out the most for me. The drums and bass sound great but I feel perhaps they could have been given a little more presence in the mix at times. Overall it’s pretty great though, to be honest.

Plainview have crafted a really great sound with this album, I am especially impressed with their tightness, especially on a debut regardless of previous experience. Working with a new band is never just easy off the bat. This album is well worth your time.

Check Out Plainview at https://www.facebook.com/plainviewband

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Silent Jack – Snakebite


It’s always nice to hear a bit of proper hard rock, and Birmingham’s Silent Jack delivers just that with their EP snakebite. With plenty of work ahead of them, this is an EP that should see them through it on their way to recording a full studio album and playing plenty of awesome shows.

Opening up with “Brand New Start” we’re introduced to an awesome riff full of bite. The drums crash in and bring us into the feel of the main riff, with an awesome lead guitar line too. The vocals are awesome, with an old school feel to them and a nice sense of melody; a little like Axl Rose with a bit more focus. Some awesome solos top it all off to start the EP off in style.

“King Cobra” starts off with a nice kick drum setting the tempo before the main riff kicks in. There are lots of nice riffs involved here, some more cool vocals too, all contributing to a great grooving sound overall. “Going Down” follows this up by slamming straight into a nice sounding guitar riff, before the band crashes in lending the riff plenty of strength for the upcoming introductory guitar solo. This is yet another really cool song, nice riffage and a nice upbeat feel.

“Love Factory” Is easily the longest song on the album but for good reason, there’s plenty of awesome soloing and jamming to enjoy here, with an awesome bass groove midway through too. A nice chorus and in general good songwriting keep this one nice and interesting. “Angels Cry” is an acoustic ballad kind of track, with a nice vibe to it, and the song picks up and gets a bit more rocking later, with some nice guitar solos and a great chorus.

“Made In Heaven” is an awesome track that borders on some old school heavy metal riffs, with some more awesome vocals and a nice pounding rhythm section throughout, making this a great solid track, with another cool chorus involved too!

The EP closes with “Hot Luvin’” which is a nice rocking track that brings the EP to a close in style; plenty of style, heavy riffs and a catchy chorus with a lot of 80s influence.

The production is pretty cool, especially for an EP, a nice shiny drum sound and the vocals have been produced really nicely too. The guitars gel really well with the bass and drums to make a nice overall sound too.

Overall this is a pretty awesome hard rock EP full of great riffs and some cool musicianship. Snakebite is a band that will go somewhere if they stick at it! Hearing a full album would be the ieal next step!

Check Out Silent Jack at https://www.facebook.com/silentjackband

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Jizzy Pearl – Crucified


You may or may not know, but Jizzy Pearl is the frontman from the band Love/Hate, and has also become the frontman for the mighty Quiet Riot. This however is his new mini album, “Crucified”, and with its rocking sound it’s a great showcase for the frontman’s talents.

The album opens up with “Hanging You Out To Dry” which crashes in with a classic rock drumbeat that gets things into motion. This is a cool start to the album, energetic vocals punctuated by lead guitar licks and an awesome solo. The song has a great sense of groove to it, and has plenty of riffs and even a somewhat swinging section towards the end.

The second track, “I Don’t Want To Be Your Baby” is a change of pace straight away, with acoustic guitars setting the scene before drums and organs add to the atmosphere. An emotive lead vocal on this song really drives this one home, with an almost “Guns ‘n’ Roses” vibe to it but a bit better performed with some lovely guitar work.

“Love Is All” ups the ante a little bit with a slightly heavier sound than the previous track, still utilising acoustic guitars but with a bit more aggression to it and rocking out a bit later on. This moves the album along quite nicely!

“Sunny Day” is laid back sounding but heavy track with a cool chorus. Plenty more awesome lead guitar work here and a general good sound to it overall! There’s a great breakdown and build-up later on with nice vocal harmonies involved too.

“Too Late” follows on from the vibe of the previous track but is a bit more emotive and sad lyrically, this is another cool track though, with nice acoustic guitars and plenty of lead guitars again, supported by a great rhythm section.

The album closes with “You’re Making Me Nervous”, a song that start with some odd guitar chords (that work well) before the song gets a bit more rocking with some awesome tense chords that build a cool sound that the vocals are performed really well over. This is a really cool and dynamic track that closes off the album really nicely!

The production is very good with everything nice and clear in the mix and without anything being too overpowering in the mix! There are plenty of sounds from acoustic guitars to big sounding solos and riffs, but it has all been recorded and produced well.

Overall, this is a good album worth your time if you’re a fan of Jizzy Pearl’s work as a frontman, and even if you’re just out for some good rock ‘n’ roll this is definitely for you.

Crucified” Is Out Now

Check out Jizzy Pearl at www.jizzypearl.com

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