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Avenger – The Slaughter Never Stops

avenger front cover

Avenger, Newcastle’s NWOBHM legends return with a new album! Associated with such acts as Blitzkrieg, Atomkraft and Satan, you know you’re in for something special. Add to this the band’s own old school heavy metal legitimacy and you’ve got an album worth checking out!

The album opens up with the atmospheric sounds of Mace Imperial, which builds up with pianos and strings before slamming into the awesome riffage of Race Against Time which was a little more modern sounding than I was expecting. This is in a good way of course; the band combines some real old school sounding vocals with some great heavy riffs.

For the audience:

People who like proper old school metal should eat this up. It approaches the 80s sound in a modern way, similar to Hell’s approach with heavy riffs meeting passionate and dramatic vocals.

There’s plenty to listen to here, and in just 46 minutes the band delivers an album full of great tracks. Fields Of The Burnt has a really awesome classic sounding riff that should make this one a real hit live, with some great guitar work and a super solid rhythm section! In Arcadia Go is another real powerful number, with some awesome hooks and some really well done vocals here! They’ve also chucked in a cover of the classic Maiden number Killers, which is a straight up cover performed really well, with special mention towards the vocals again which have a nice blend of both Di’Anno and Dickinson, with some nice souped up chunky guitars too.

The band also delivers a nice long track at 7 minutes long with Flayer Psychosis and it’s full of energy right from the get go, keeping at it throughout with hefty riffage and some great vocal moments meeting cool basslines and vocals!

The album ends on Midnight Mass Destruction which has another classic sounding riff given a modern makeover here, with a nice heavy sound on display. This ends the album nicely as one of the heavier tracks, but also has a nice clean bridge section that builds up nicely.

avenger photo black and white

For the artist:

This is a really solid album, with some great moments and some really good songwriting. The production is pretty good but feels a little dry in places. It’s not really a big problem and the music takes precedence here!

Overall this some really good stuff, here’s hoping the band keeps it up and delivers us plenty of live shows and new material!

The Slaughter Never Stops Is Released on 1st December via Rocksector Records

Check out Avenger at https://www.facebook.com/avengeruk1

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Monument – “Rock The Night” EP


Monument is a Heavy Metal band from East London, formed in 2011. These guys are easily the biggest band on MGR Records, formerly with Transcend Media, and they are at the forefront of the “2nd wave of British Heavy Metal” that is currently writhing beneath the surface of the metal scene at this very moment.

The talent on display here is incredible, from the mighty vocals of Peter Ellis, who you may recognise from fellow traditional metal heroes White Wizzard, as well as Peterborough metallers The More I See. I am of the opinion, however, that this is easily the best work he has been involved with, and with powerful harmonies, piercing falsettos and catchy choruses galore, this will definitely please a fan of the old school!

The current lineup of the band is completed by Guitarists Lewis Stephens (also of White Wizzard!) and Dan Baune, Bassist Matt “Mira” Scott and Drummer Matt C, some of whom are not on this EP as it was actually released a little while ago, but the music still stands up just fine, and the new lineup likely performs even better.

The EP itself consists of 5 tracks, getting right into the mood with title track “Rock The Night” with lots of Maiden style riffs with a modern twist and sound; a Fast and furious rocker to set the EP in full swing.

The best track on the EP for me was definitely “Midnight Queen” with a somewhat longer running time and a really epic bass break into a soaring harmony guitar lead, this song really stood out for me. However every track on this EP is worth your time, as the band has a lot to offer and displays a wide array of catchy choruses, deft lead guitar work and intricate bass work. Honourable mentions go to the lead single “Fatal Attack” and the song “Carry On” with its melodic yet heavy approach. “Blood Red Skies” brings a real Bruce Dickinson vibe to the mix with a proper groove that hasn’t been seen in metal for too long.

The EP itself is packaged very nicely. It is a card sleeve with fantastic artwork and properly printed CDS. The one I own is the reissue via MGR with a redesigned back cover that looks very stylish, I have seen the other as well and I prefer this one myself.

The production on this EP is immense, something you wouldn’t expect from most bands, especially on a debut release! Everything gels really well, with powerful drumming, audible and technical basslines (!) and guitars and vocals working perfectly with each other, with harmonies to please any fan of true British metal.

Overall, this band is one to watch out for, their new album is currently in the works and if it’s anything like this it promises to be something special! With these guys at the helm, the 2nd Wave Of British Heavy Metal will be… Monumental.

“Rock The Night” Is out now via MGR Records!

Check out Monument here:

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