Psychostick – Revenge of the Vengeance



The latest studio album from comedy metal band psychostick was paid for via a crowdfunding scheme so they could build their own studio, within only a month they had all the funds they needed and began working! The album opens with a short movie trailer style intro which tells us their drummer has been killed and they are out for revenge! This then leads into one of the lead singles from this album “Obey the Beard”, a track with very groovy riffs which instantly have you nodding your head, along with plenty of chant sections which I imagine go down well live, the song also features a play on the song “Baby got back” and fans of the band may even spot the reference to one of their older songs “Beer”.
After tuning to “H-Flat” the band power into the track “So Heavy”, which features some light mockery of todays “brutal” metal bands. Following this is the song “Dogs like Socks” which has been a massive hit on youtube with 1.4 million views! (You can watch here:

Things calm down a bit with the track “Blue Screen”, a softer song in which singer Rob Kersey expresses his love for his dying computer, it features a melodic bass intro and verse from Matty J “Moose” Rzemyk before building up to a big melodic chorus with a great guitar riff which leads into a short guitar solo from Josh Key, which going with the theme of the song features some computer glitch style sounds!

When I saw the track name “Danger Zone” I thought “No, it can’t be.” But yes, it IS a metal cover of the Kenny Loggins track made famous by the film Top Gun, a pretty good one too! Also featuring a short acapella rendition of “Take My Breath Away” at the end of the track.

The album finishes off nicely with a bloopers reel of bad vocal takes and the band falling into fits of laughter and this album should leave listeners in a similar state!

For the audience:
Fans of the band will certainly not be disappointed with this album, every track is filled with lines which will get you laughing and riffs that will get your head moving! Tracks such as “Quack Kills”, “NSFW”, a track with some nice excerpts of classical music, although they are being sung with the word fuck. And “Choking Hazard”, a metal guide to first aid!
Many fans are probably feeling very proud to own this album if they were one of the people who supported the bands indiegogo campaign to build their own studio, good on you!

For the artist:
Once again you have brought a smile to my face and to many others, also my stomach hurts from laughing too much! I might have to wait a little while before I can survive a second run of this brilliantly hilarious album. Keep it up guys, looking forward to the next one!



Revenge of the Vengeance is released on 4th November 2014 via Rock Ridge Music

Check out Psychostick at

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